Pet Boarding

Send Your Pet on a Vacation

Let your four-legged family members go on vacation here in one of our 16 themed rooms. Your pup could be at Disney, the beach, or even that fun hunting cabin! Each room includes an off the ground bed, fleece blanket, pillow, feeding dishes, and a special toy that goes with each theme. We also have enrichment toys and puzzles to help fight boredom on down times.

This is our Starry Night room.

Our large climate-controlled building has 10 rooms with outdoor enclosures where your pup can get some fresh air or watch the deer walk down the wooded path. Our remaining 6 rooms are for smaller dogs or dogs with high anxiety. They will taken outside personally throughout the day.

Come spring we will have a large fenced in area for your babies to run around leash free. * For safety reasons we will not be letting dogs mingle from other families. Currently dogs are being walked throughout the day around 18 acres of mowed paths through the woods.

Overnight Stays

  • $28.00 a night for 1 dog.
  • Pick up time is from 9am-noon daily.
  • Drop off times are 2pm-5pm daily.
  • Additional dogs are $15.00 each a night as long as they can share the same kennel comfortably.
  • Dogs must be picked up by noon the following day or you will be charged for an additional night.
  • I live on the property so other arrangements can be made IN ADVANCE if needed.

Doggy Daycare

Doggie Daycare is available from 8am-5pm for $25.00 every weekday. If you have a new puppy or just don’t want to let your furbaby home alone all day, we can provide a fun exciting day of activities to keep your pet stimulated and provide socialization.

Vaccine Requirements

All dogs are required to have their rabies, distemper, and Bordetella vaccine. This is to protect everyone’s pets! The Bordetella must be done at least 2 weeks prior to your stay. Also, please keep your pet on a flea treatment. We don’t want to spread fleas throughout the kennel. If we see fleas on your pet, we will be giving them a flea bath which will be an extra charge.

What You Need To Do

Call us at 724-541-8598 to book your pet’s stay! After you book your stay, you will need to bring your pets food, proof of vaccines, a list of health complications and allergies, and a comfortable harness/ collar for walking. We do have food on the premises that is $3.00 a serving but we do not want upset bellies and diarrhea so please bring enough food for their stay. Please write down if your dog is allergic to anything or any health issues we need to be made aware of. We have a refrigerator on site for food or medicines that need to be kept cool.